Love and Light


My latest designs include my study of Spiritual Astrology

by creating wearable jewellery that can help bring you harmony, be beautiful and give joy!

My new range of polarity jewellery brings together gems that vibrate

with each Astrological sign.

We each have strong Astrological themes

that we are working with either consciously or not!

To progress on our spiritual path we need to develop

the Polarities to uncover and enhance our talents and gifts.

Most of us have 3 strong themes

based on your Sun sign,

Ascendant or Rising sign and MidHeaven.


Aries the I AM opposes the Libra I Harmony

or Self vs Partnership or Direct and Assertive vs  Tact and Diplomacy


Taurus the  I  Have opposes the Scorpio  I Desire

or Self-Indulgence vs Self-Mastery or Comfort vs Confrontation

Gemini the  I  Know opposes the Sagittarius  I Understand

or Communication vs Education or Knowledge for its own sake or for a Higher Purpose


Cancer the I  Feel opposes Capricorn the  I  Use

or Family vs Career or Nurturing vs Authority


Leo the  I  Will opposes the Aquarius  I Think

or Heart vs Head or Love Relationships vs Friendships


Virgo the I  Analyse opposes the Pisces  I Believe

or Linear Thinking vs Inspiration or Imagination vs Intuitive Perception

Gems and Crystals are powerful as well as beautiful

so if you love gems and crystals

you will adore this range of Reiki enhanced polarity jewels!

Please wear them with joy, love and light.

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